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You came to the right place

CDN Consulting Services has great expectations for you. We will use innovative ideas and holistic approaches to help you transform the thoughts and behaviors that inhibits you from maximizing your full potential and reaching greater success in life. We will help you develop effective communication skills to produce and maintain healthy relationships, positive coping skills to deal with daily challenges, strategies that lead to successful outcomes, team building that build morale and retention and much more.

The six dimensions of wellness are physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and social.

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware...then making healthy choices toward a more fulfilling lifestyle.

"Change begins internally, not externally"

Pre-marital counseling decreases the chance of divorce by 30%. 

Only 53% of Veterans receive counseling. Why?

CDN Consulting Services desires to help you begin your journey to living well!

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Services Offered

CDN Consulting Services gives you a friendly encounter and challenges you to rise up, fight and win...its time!

Individual Counseling 

We will work together with you to produce the desired transformation that you are seeking. You will be empowered, inspired and motivated by the concepts, methods and tools shared with you. You will be revitalized, restored and equipped.

Pre-Marital /Marriage Counseling 

Don't give up yet! You and your partner will be challenged to participate in activities and exercises that will give muscle to your weaken relationship...You will learn the art of forgiveness, regain trust, recover dignity and respect for one another.

Group Therapy/Seminar/Workshops

CDN Consulting Services is available to do workshops, seminars and group therapy to encourage better conversation and develop effective communication The outcome will be improved team unity and cohesion in the workplace, schools, churches.

Veterans Counseling

Our nation's Veterans, have been through many challenges and given their lives for our peace. They return with a new normal. Families struggle to understand them and our servicemen and women struggle to be understood. We can help you learn to cope with your new normal and explore ways to assist your family and friends with accepting the new you.

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